Is a down payment holding you back from looking and buying a home? We can HELP!!!!  Here is more detailed information on Down Payment Plus - down payment assistance program DPP. How up to $$6,000 in an assistance grant, FORGIVEN over 60 months can save a homeowner over $17,000 on the life of their loan.
CALL US at 715-612-7926 to first FIND your home together and then the lender participating in this program locally!                                                                                          We have worked with the Down Payment Plus Program (DPP) successfully with buyers in Lincoln & Oneida counties of Wisconsin. Each buyer had found a home they wanted to pursue before they had saved enough money for a conventional down payment loan program.  The buyers had been pre-approved and had good credit...just not the entire down payment amount saved up yet. They thought low or no down payment would exclude them being able to purchase a home or would land them in a mortgage that was not fixed rate or had high up front fees along with private mortgage insurance to add into the budget - reducing their home buying power.  That was not the case.  As long as the buyer fits the income limit and the home qualifies for the program - this is a fantastic program for the buyer to take advantage of! Please take the time to interview your prospective lender about this DPP Mortgage program.  Live in the home for 5 years and the $6,000 grant is completely forgiven.  There is a one monetary catch and one education requirement.  You need to have $1,000 to bring to the lender, to be eligible for the program - your contribution to enter into this grant program.  The buyer will also complete a home buyer counseling program in order to receive this grant.  A terrific trade off!  Income limits are the annual household income is at or below 80% of the HUD Median income of the county in which the property is located, adjusted for the household size, per the income calculation guidelines. Another great source for information on this DPP program is

Come on....find the home you want and see how the DPP mortgage program will fit into your financial plan. Home Ownership can be in your grasp. Call us today-715-612-7926 cell/text#